Задание 1 Сделайте анализ предложений, найдите в них причастия, герундии и обороты с ними.
1. In a three terminal device we can control electric current or voltage between two of the terminals by applying an electric current or voltage to the third terminal.
2. By cascading these switches (switches that control switches that control switches, etc.) we can build up very complicated logic circuits.
3. Programs written in one of languages are converted into a lower-level language by means of a compiler.
4. Instead of using electrons in vacuum, scientists began to consider how one might control electrons in solid materials, like metals and semiconductors
5. The new methods having been introduced, the labour productivity went up.
6. Mankind is interested in atomic energy being used only for peaceful services.
7. Measuring temperature is necessary in many experiments.
8. By measuring the temperature of the mixture we can control its state.

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