Complete the dialogue with do or don't A:Hi, Bermet. This is my cousin Adilet. B:Hello, Adilet. Nice to meet you! C: Nice to meet you too. B: 1) Do you live near here, Adilet? C: No, l 2)_________. live in a village. B: 3)_______ your family have a big house? C: No, we 4)________. B:5)_________ your parents have a car? C: Yes, they 6)_________. A: Bermet, 7)_________ you want a coffee? B: Yes, please. A:And you, Adilet? C: No, thanks. l 8)____drink coffee. I like tea A:9)________ you want a tea? C: Yes, please. Помогитееее!!!!!
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A: Hi, Bermet. This is my cousin Adilet.B: Hello, Adilet. Nice to meet you!C: Nice to meet you too.B: Do you live near here, Adilet?C: No, I don't. I live in a village.B: Do your family have a big house?C: No, we don't.B: Do your parents have a car?C: Yes, they do.A: Bermet, do you want a coffee?B: Yes, please.A:And you, Adilet?C: No, thanks. I don't drink coffee. I like tea.A: Do you want a tea?C: Yes, please.

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