1. Why is telling time so important to people today? 2. How would your life be different if you lived in a world without clocks? Describe what a day in a life without clocks might be like. 3. Do you think you manage your time wisely? 4. Do you make a detailed schedule for every day? 5. Do you have any electronic gadgets which you think really save you time? плиз кратко
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Ответ:1. Telling time is important to people today because it helps us to organize our daily lives and to manage our time effectively. Knowing the time allows us to plan our activities and to be punctual for appointments and obligations. It also helps us to coordinate with others and to stay on schedule.2. If I lived in a world without clocks, my life would be significantly different. Without the ability to accurately track time, it would be difficult to plan and schedule my activities or to coordinate with others. I might have to rely on natural cues, such as the position of the sun in the sky, to approximate the time. A day in a life without clocks might involve waking up with the sun, eating meals whenever I felt hungry, and going to bed when I was tired. It would be more difficult to be punctual or to stick to a set schedule, and I might have to rely more on my own internal clock to determine when to do things.3. I think I manage my time wisely most of the time. I try to be organized and to plan my activities in advance, and I try to make sure that I have enough time to complete my tasks and meet my obligations. However, like anyone else, I sometimes get sidetracked or distracted and have to adjust my schedule accordingly.4. I do not make a detailed schedule for every day, but I do try to plan my activities in advance and to allocate my time wisely. I find it helpful to make a list of tasks and goals for the day or week, and to prioritize them based on their importance or deadline.5. Рождества не будет, дед мороз принял ислам Объяснение:Если этот ответ вам понравился, сделайте его лучшим ответом!

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