7. При каком значении m график функции у=x2+8x+m касается прямой y=3?
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Ответ:With the advent of coordinate geometry, the parabola arose naturally as the graph of a quadratic function. The graph of the function y = mx + b is a straight line and the graph of the quadratic function y = ax2 + bx + c is a parabola. Since y = mx + b is an equation of degree one, the quadratic function, y = ax2 + bx + c represents the next level of algebraic complexity.The parabola also appears in physics as the path described by a ball thrown at an angle to the horizontal (ignoring air resistance). The vertex of the parabola gives information regarding maximum height and combined with the symmetry of the curve also tells us how to find the horizontal range.Quadratic functions frequently appears when solving a variety of problems. The theory of these functions and their graphs enables us to solve simple maximisation/minimisation problems without having to resort to calculus.Their study in Year 10 gives an excellent introduction to important ideas that will be encountered in senior mathematics and beyond.Пошаговое объяснение:

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