IV. Ответьте на вопросы. 1. How can you get acquainted with new cultures, civilizations or new ways of thinking? 2. Does a foreign language have practical value? 3. How many languages do people speak? 4. What are 13 great languages?q 5. What do we call a person who knows several foreign languages? 6. Do you know champions among polyglots? 7. Is it easy to learn several languages? 8. Why is the knowledge of a foreign language useful? 9. Why do you learn English? 10. English is becoming a lingua franca, isn't it? What does it mean? 11. Where is English spoken as an official language? 12. Can you prove that English has spread all over the world? 13. Can you say that English is the most fashionable language nowadays? Why? ПОМАГИТЕ ПЖ!!!
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Ответ:Топик средней сложности — Foreign Languages in the Life of an Educated Person - Иностранные языки в жизни образованного человека

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