JOIN THE TWO SENTENCES USING THE PAS SIMPLE or THE PAS PERFECT TENSES: Ex: School finished and then I went on holiday. After school had finished, I went on holiday. Tom went home after that I arrived at the party. After Tom 2. She had dinner and then she came to my house, After she B. John prepared everything for the party and after that all the guests arrived. After John 4. She prepared well for the exam so she had a good mark. After she 5. He lived in London for three years and then moved to Lisbon. After he 6. First I passed my driving test and thenl bought a car. After I 7. She arrived home then she prepared tec for her kids, After she 8. I took the bus and then went shopping. After I 9. She went to the airport but the plane had alrecidy departed. After the plane 10. Her wallet was stolen and the she went to the police station. After she
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Question is not very clear. And you the sentence is not in proper format?

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