помогите пж1. This is ... banana. a) a b) the c) an2 . This is... taxi. ... taxi is red. a) a-an b) an-the 3. She ... the piano often. b) will play a) is playing 4. It... snow last Sunday. a) didn't b) wasn't 5. The boys must do everything .... a) himself b) yourself 6. This is ... friend. a) he b) my 7. She... taken the bag. a) have b) has 8. We... children. a) is b) are c) am 9. Telephone boxes... brown. a) is c) I c) is d) - c) a-the b) write b) that make the bed. a) may b) can 21. You must... a letter. a) to write 22... the floor? c) isn't a) She washed 23. Peter is ... than Jack. b) are c) am 10... often visit their friends. a) The Browns b) Browns 11. His daughter... a computer. a) have got b) has got 12. There is... orange in the box. a) a b) some c) an 13. There are ... flowers in the vase. c) yourselves d) we d) - c) plays d) - a) an b) a c) some 14. There are ... sweets in the vase. c) any d) - a) many b) much 15. There is... flour in the packet. a) any b) many 16. The boy is ... the house. a) between b) in c) on 17. There... a bed near the window. c) have d) - c) Browns' d) - c) much d) - b) Was she wash c) should c) writing d) won't a) are b) is c) were 18. He has a pen in his hand. ... pen is red. a) this b) these c) that d) those 19. She looks at the dolls.... dolls are on the sofa. a) those c) this d) these 20. He d) themselves d) - d) - d) has d) under d) am d) did play d) could d) wrote d) The Browns' c) Did she wash a) strong b) stronger c) the strongest a) popular 24. This music group is popular. But the ... group is the "Beatles" b) most popular c) more popular 25. Москва «такой же древний город, как и Киев. a) old b) older c) as old as d) Were she wash d) strongest d) the popularest d) the oldest
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Ответ:ого как много капеец ффффффффффф

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